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Apache benchmark windows 10

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Quick and simple load testing with Apache Bench

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Digital Experience. Platform Capabilities. Learn about the key components, capabilities, and features of the Datadog platform. ApacheBench ab is a benchmarking tool that measures the performance of a web apache benchmark windows 10 by inundating it with HTTP requests and recording metrics for latency and success.

ApacheBench can help you determine how much traffic your HTTP server can sustain before performance degrades, and set baselines for typical response times. While ApacheBench was designed to benchmark the Apache web server, it is a fully fledged HTTP client that benchmarks actual connections, and you can use it to test the performance of any backend that processes HTTP requests.

In this post, we will explain how ApacheBench worksand walk you through the ApacheBench metrics that can help you tune your web servers and optimize your applications, including:. ApacheBench is a command line tool that is bundled in the apache2-utils package.

Apache benchmark windows 10 allows you to configure the number of requests to send, a timeout limit, and request headers. Some commonly used options include:.

Additionally, ab runs on a single thread—the -c value tells ab how many file descriptors to allocate at a time for TCP connections, not how many HTTP requests to send simultaneously.

The -c flag does allow ab to complete its tests in less time, and simulates a higher number apache benchmark windows 10 concurrent connections. The two timeseries graphs below, for example, show the number of concurrent connections as well as requests per apache benchmark windows 10 for the command:.

As a result, ab requests may not reflect the sorts of acrobat pro dc add signature free you can expect to apache benchmark windows 10 in your usual production load. After finishing its tests, ApacheBench produces a report that resembles the code snippet below. Later in this section, we will explain the different metrics apache benchmark windows 10 in this report, such as:.

Time taken for tests measures apache benchmark windows 10 duration between when ApacheBench first connects to the server and when it receives the final response or is interrupted with Ctrl-C.

ApacheBench provides two variations on this metric, and both depend on the number of responses that ab has finished processing doneas well as the value apache benchmark windows 10 the metric Time taken for tests timetaken. Both multiply their results by 1, to get a number in milliseconds. The second version of Time per request accounts for the number of concurrent connections the user has configured ab to make, using the -c option concurrency :.

If you set a -c value greater than 1, the second Time per request metric should in theory provide a more accurate assessment of how long each request takes. You should treat both Time taken for tests apache benchmark windows 10 Time per request as rough indicators of web server performance under specific levels of load. For each connection it makes, ab stores five timestamps :. From there, посетить страницу uses the data object to calculate the remaining latency-related metrics: aggregated connection times, percentiles, and, if you use the -g flag, data for individual requests.

These metrics give you a more nuanced understanding than Time apache benchmark windows 10 for tests and Time per requestallowing you to see which part of the request-response cycle was responsible for the overall latency. In the above example, we can see that Connect was on average i. Since the Connect metric depends on client latency as well as server latency, we could investigate each of these, determining which side of the connection is responsible for the variation.

The final ApacheBench report also includes a breakdown of request latency percentiles, giving you a more detailed view of request latency distribution than the standard deviations within the Connection Times table.

The percentile breakdown resembles the following. Unlike the Connection Times table, these metrics are not broken down by stage of the request-response cycle. ApacheBench can also display data about each connection in tab-separated values TSV format, allowing you to calculate values that are not available within the standard ab report, such as wait time percentiles.

This data comes from the same data objects that ab uses to calculate Connection Times and percentiles. These per-request values are:. To access per-request data in TSV format, use the -g flag in your ab command, specifying the path to the output file.

The first five rows of the data in the plot. The -g flag gives you flexibility in how you analyze request data. You could, for example, plot the dtime of each request in a timeseries graph i. One way to understand the responses from your web servers is to count those that return an error or a failure. This is helpful if your goal is to benchmark deliberately unsuccessful requests e. You can also send HTTP logs from your server to a dedicated monitoring platform like Datadog to aggregate responses by status code.

Connections between ApacheBench and your web server can fail just like any TCP connection, and ab counts failures within four different categories:. The following comes from running an apache benchmark windows 10 command with the -n option set to and the URL set to www. This is because ab stores the length of the first response it receives, and compares subsequent lengths to that value.

In general, the Failed request metrics monitor activity at the transport layer, i. Datadog can provide complete visibility into HTTP response latency by analyzing server logs, tracing requests as they travel across distributed services, collecting network metrics from your hosts, and simulating HTTP requests from clients around the world—check out our free trial.

Register here Register for Dash ! White modal up arrow. Download Media Assets. Infrastructure Monitoring. Network Performance Monitoring. Network Device Monitoring. Container Monitoring. Log Management. Sensitive Data Scanner. Audit Trail. Observability Pipelines. Distributed Tracing. Continuous Profiler. Database Apache benchmark windows 10. CI Visibility. Service Catalog. Security Platform.

Posture Management. Workload Security. Cloud SIEM. Application Apache benchmark windows 10 Monitoring. Real User Monitoring. Synthetic Monitoring. Session Replay. Error Tracking. Incident Management. How to use ApacheBench for web server performance testing.

Paul Gottschling. Further Reading Datadog Platform Datasheet Learn about the key components, capabilities, and features of the Datadog смотрите подробнее. Web вот ссылка access logs in Datadog showing requests from ApacheBench.

Memory utilization by one читать of the ab command, as seen in Datadog’s Live Processes view. Non-2xx responses: ApacheBench logs aggregated by status code in Datadog. Want to apache benchmark windows 10 with us?

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ab – Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool – Apache HTTP Server Version

Viewed 16k times. In this first section, you can find some useful information like, for example, that the number of Complete requests was and the Concurrency Level was Default is no KeepAlive. You can also download the lastest version from the Download folder of this github repository. This is usually more useful than the ‘gnuplot’ file; as the results are already ‘binned’. Question feed.


How to load test with Apache Bench


Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am confused about which file can be downloaded from google as there are lot of links are exist. I am very much new to this tool. So, please provide me some user guide as well if available about how to use this software. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

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Then you will find the Benchmark in. Improve this answer. David Rivas David Rivas 85 6 6 bronze badges. Is this software can be use for API performance and load testing? In some cases, especially when benchmarking high-capacity servers, a single instance of ApacheBench can itself be a bottleneck.

When using ApacheBench on hardware with multiple processor cores, additional instances of ApacheBench may be used in parallel to fully saturate the target URL in a test. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Satellite internet: More useful than sending a car into space Ep.

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