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Because of its frequent use, high heritage value and inherent preservation risks, the Flanders Architecture Institute wishes to develop a preservation policy with regard to the SketchUp file format.

The next chapter focuses on the SketchUp files, starting with a description of the geometry model, an exploration of the undisclosed internal file format structure and an investigation of the compatibility with other file formats. The last chapter discusses possible risks and vulnerabilities for preservation of SketchUp files on the long term. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. SketchUp in digital archives: Software and file format analysis and exploration of the options for digital preservation.

Henk Vanstappen. Abstract This report investigates the SketchUp software and file format. SketchUp may be regarded as a stable format which is not at risk to become obsolete – at least not in the near future. Nevertheless, the overall conclusion is that archival institutions will need to take action and have to develop and implement preservation policies for SketchUp files in their archives. This archival format is expected to minimize the preservation risks in connection to adoption, platform independence, disclosure, transparency and metadata support.

Practical experience and previous analyses have shown that Sketchup is a widely adopted format for computer-aided design CAD and is frequently used within the architectural design process. This creative use of Sketchup means that the resulting SketchUp files have a high historical and cultural value. But as all digital files, SketchUp files are fragile: bits can be damaged by wear and tear on the carrier.

And even if the bits are preserved well, files can become inaccessible because of its dependency on a specific version of specific software on a specific operating system.

Where established solutions may exist for less complex files image, sound , preserving CAD files with its numerous specifications and formats, has proven to be challenging. This includes 1 the development of guidelines for architects and other archive creators, aimed at the safeguarding of SketchUp files in the medium and long term and 2 the development of a preservation strategy for the trusted digital repositories. Currently, very little research is available on the SketchUp software and file format in the context of digital preservation.

That is why the Flanders Architecture Institute has commissioned Datable to investigate the history, internal structure, application and possible risks in terms of preservation in the medium and long term of the Sketchup software and file format. The focus of this report is to give a better understanding of the SketchUp model and file format in terms of preservation risks and the way they can be dealt with.

This report was written for an audience of archivists who have to deal with the preservation of SketchUp files,4 not so much towards the actual users of the SketchUp software a whole range of manuals and tutorials is available for them.

The software was released to the public in August as a general purpose 3D modeling tool. Google released both a free version of SketchUp and a paid Pro version. Trimble sells products and services into the land survey, construction, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications, asset tracking, mapping, utilities and mobile resource management industries. The software plays a major role in different stages of the design process.

It is most often used as a visualization tool, along with other design tools such as AutoCAD. Just as physical scale models, a three-dimensional rendering can be viewed from different angles. Applications such as SketchUp give the opportunity to create walkthroughs and other ways to virtually explore a design.

Visualizations are often used to show a design to a potential client, but they will also give the architect the opportunity to get a better understanding of the design and discover eventual flaws — better than a two-dimensional representation does.

With the free version, users can create 3D models and save them to the cloud or locally. BIM features are not supported either. The paid versions Shop bundle and above offer extended features, access to the Extension Warehouse and support from Trimble. It has extended functionalities and gives access to the Extensions Warehouse.

Also, SketchUp LayOut is included. It was available for home, personal and educational use. Although not promoted by Trimble, SketchUp Make is still available for download. SketchUp Pro models can be placed in multiple views on a template e. LayOut files extension. It allows users to view 3D models orbiting, panning, playing animations , change camera settings or view object properties.

Models can be printed as well, but editing or exporting a model is not possible. The demo models that ship with the app can be used to test out the AR model viewing features. In order to view own models in AR, an active SketchUp Shop, 11 For an explanation of export file formats, see chapter 4. Alternatively, SketchUp Free subscribers can purchase access to the AR Model viewing features on a standalone basis via in-app subscription. As the mobile viewer, these apps are freely available but a subscription is required to upload models.

As such, they created the Extension Warehouse, allowing users to share and download SketchUp plugins and extensions. To assure the quality of the extensions, developers must submit a request before they can upload extensions.

Trimble Connect allows users to publish, open, import reference files and update SketchUp files from Trimble Connect project folders. To use the service, a Trimble Connect extension has to be installed in the SketchUp application. Both APIs can create new documents and read or modify existing documents. SketchUp uses Ruby 2. The source code is undisclosed. The license prohibits, among other things a to decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer the software; b to attempt to reconstruct or discover any source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, file formats or programming interfaces of the software; c to copy, modify or translate any part of the software, create a derivative work of any part of the software, or incorporate the software into or with other software; d to use or host the software in a virtual server environment.

SketchUp applications may contain or be provided with certain third-party software including open source software or other software which may be made available in source code form and data sets, which may be licensed under the third party license.

Users with a subscription need to sign in on the Trimble account manager before they can use the application. An overview of the supported operating systems is given in the Addenda. The video card driver must support OpenGL 3. Intel-based video cards are not recommended. NET Framework version 4.

OpenGL is open source and platform independent. OpenGL 3. The use of these and any other virtualized environments is prohibited by the license agreement. All features apply to the most advanced version of the software i. SketchUp Pro. Version date New features 1. Dropbox ; improved materials library. These tools support the drawing of circles, polygons, arcs, rectangles and freehand form. SketchUp designing is supported by a system of inference drawing that anticipates the intentions of the user, comparing possible 2D line positions with the main axes and the existing model, allowing interactive drawing in 3D space.

With the patented extrusion tool, a user can select a face and drag it up or down to produce and control the depth of a 3D volume. Version 4 introduced the Follow Me tool which allows users to push or pull a surface along a path. Also, when a curved or freehand 35 U.

SketchUp uses hidden geometry to achieve this smooth surfaces and edges. Terrain modelling with the Sandbox tool is based on a special type of geometry called a triangulated irregular network TIN , which basically is a group composed of triangles.

When a model is exported e. Chapter 4. This way users can then configure certain aspects of the component, or the component can behave dynamically, e. This way a user can create sketchy-edge styles based pencil lines, pen strokes or thick graphite lines. The style can be created by lines drawn on paper or digitally in an image-editing program.

This was possible because Trimble had agreed with Google when taking over SketchUp that the Google Earth maps and images could be used in SketchUp for five years. SketchUp Pro and later versions now use image material made available by DigitalGlobe.

To increase the difference between SketchUp Pro and the free Make version and to justify the costs for the Pro version, the Geo-location function is no longer available in SketchUp Make Locations can also be added manually by entering the latitude and longitude values of the desired position.

The classifier tags geometry with industry-standard object types walls, slabs, roofs… Geometry must be converted to components first and a classification needs to be imported. This can be an IFC classification, but other standard or custom classifications can be applied too. Models with classified objects can be exported as an IFC file cf. Extensions can be managed from within the desktop application. The Extension Warehouse contains over extensions, in different categories and for different industries.

The objects that form a model are called entities. Core entities are the drawing elements, which basically consist of edges.

The API documentation lists the entity classes and subclasses that can be used to interact with a model. A list of these classes is provided in Addendum 3. Most of these classes and corresponding entities have been part of the SketchUp model since version 6.

In the next chapters of this section, we’ll explore the characteristics of some of these entities. Lines are always straight. Their vertex positions are defined by coordinates in a 3-dimensional space. Under the hood they are still defined as a group or component of meshes. When exporting to a format that supports these complex entity definitions, and importing the exported file in an application that support this export format natively e.

Rhino or AutoCAD , a segmented line may be interpreted as a curved line. By default, faces are opaque and SketchUp adds shading to some faces. Faces can get their color and texture from materials that are referenced by the face. Faces have a front side and a back side.

The size of a polygon is measured from a center point, and the number of sides determines the type of polygon. These segments act as a single line in that they can define the edge of a face and divide a face. So basically, a circle is a polygon with a lot of segments.

Functions receive JSON string as parameter. The VBA enabler is now true 64bit. Syntax: findtrustedfile filename. The findtrustedfile function makes no assumption about the file type or extension of filename. Argument is filename – Name of the file to be searched for. Return Values A string containing the fully qualified file name; otherwise nil, if the specified file is not found. Command: findtrustedfile “abc. Function was updated to search the new trusted applications paths.

The AutoCAD ActiveX library has been updated to remove methods and properties that were originally defined for bit support. You first need to ensure that. As always with system requirements these are minimal requirements for AutoCAD to run. For professional usage you surely want to have much better hardware. FlexNet version Using fence it would be possible to select an object with a linetype with spaces when the fence is hitting the space in the linetype.

Preview handler for Vista and Outlook , Outlook and Outlook Add support to find solid and gradient hatches with the Matchprop command as easily as you can with the Erase command and solid hatches.

If you have a select object command like Erase and move it over a solid or gradhatch it is not always showing that the object is selectable selection preview even though it is if you try to click on it. In dialog boxes like the Open dialog box it should be possible to save changes like columns to show, width, sorting, grouping etc. Easy way to change the length of the extension lines on dimensions.

Variable extension origin offsets. Improve the functionality to show real symbols for mtext and also delete any that are not used. It is now only possible to add new ones through the registry.

Personal Mtext Symbols. Having the help window linked to the main application window is not always wanted. Give us a better option. One suggestion is to have the help window completely separated from the main application. Add some kind of table of contents to the help system. By functionality, by command, variable, etc. Moving a sheet view from one sheet to another so that existing callouts get updated rather than broken. Autodesk Self Extract.

I wish ISO was an option to download. Dynamic input should support everything that the command line offers. Internet Search, Help, Content and Categories. Add the ability to create custom subset properties in Sheet Set Manager.

Subset custom properties. It would be good to have drag and drop of a drawing or DST to work to open it when dropping it on the File Tabs. Revision date, Purpose and Category cannot be added to the table either. If you don’t use or need Autodesk , uninstall it. Se how here. It has been found to crash Windows Explorer. Word wrap works if the command line is undocked though and F2 is pressed. This happens even when no code is loaded at all.

Workaround is to use vlax-curve-getArea. Inventor Fusion import and editing functionality has been removed. But you can get involved in the beta program of Autodesk Fusion There seems to not be any Autodesk Design Review Autodesk intends to replace the Design Review application with cloud-based services so Autodesk Design Review might be the last release. Russian, Czech, Hungarian and Polish are missing so far but will be added. Change the type for the installation using any of these values: 1 — Network 2 — Standalone 3 — Multiseat Standalone.

For reference, save or print this document. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before you install this product. Copy the Media contents to a local drive or use a browser downloaded version of software. Copy and backup the setup.

Open file setup. Eventually, the file may become unusable. To use the file, some scales must be removed. Open Light Object Enabler bit and bit. System requirements for AutoCAD. Windows crash during license authorization of Autodesk product. Two indications of the issue are described below: 1. Autodesk is not upgraded to latest version when installing Autodesk Product Design Suite How to find your serial number and product key in Subscription Center.

Product Support will provide its best effort to assist customers who have issues with products that have not been tested. Windows 8 Support for Autodesk products. Educational Plot Stamp Removal Issues. Compare AutoCAD versions. Find the certified and recommended computer hardware for the products or suites you are planning to install. For more information, go to www. Subscribe to the blog.

AutoCAD This is the 28th version of AutoCAD. Command Line Enhancements The command line has been enhanced to provide smarter, more efficient access to commands and system variables.

Here is what it look like for Hatch patterns. Another right? File Loading – Security Concern An executable file was found outside of the specified trusted locations. File Tabs Drawing tabs have been added and is a fast and visual way to switch between open drawings or to create new ones. Design Feed Design Feed, accessible from the Autodesk ribbon tab, displays a palette in which you can enter text messages and attach images to be shared online with colleagues, clients, and consultants through Autodesk Geolocation Support for Geographic locations has been significantly enhanced.

Arc Creation Easily draw an arc in either direction using by pressing the Ctrl key to switch directions as you draw. Sheet Sets When creating a new sheet in a sheet set the CreateDate field stored in the associated template. Layer Manager The number of layers displayed on the ribbon has been increased. Materials Browser There are some enhancement in the Materials Browser. Attributes The default behavior for inserting blocks with attributes displays the dialog box.

Hatch The Hatch tool on the ribbon maintains the previous method for selecting objects to hatch: Pick internal point or Select objects. Raster Images The display of and performance with raster images seems to have been improved when working with large image files.

Hardware Acceleration The Hardware Acceleration icon has been updated. Here is what the setup look like. Include additional software. Sub-Components Exchange App Manager Exchange Featured Apps plug-in Executable File settings Choose the methods to load executable files: Load from all locations without displaying a warning Load from Trusted locations, displaying a warning for other locations Load from Trusted locations only Choose the method to load acad. And the installation is in progress.

NET installation is prevented by any of the following conditions: An Internet connection is not available during installation. The Windows 8 update for Microsoft Security Advisory is not installed. Autodesk Uninstall Tool To uninstall several products or an entire suite, it is recommended that you use the Autodesk Uninstall Tool, which you can launch from the list of products on your computer.

NET applications should target Framework 4. The following outlines what needs to be done to use custom programs developed for an AutoCAD-based product released prior to AutoCAD Scripts and Action Macros — No changes should be needed, unless the script or action macro uses a command or system variable that has been deprecated or changed in the product.

AutoLISP — No changes should be needed, unless it uses a command or system variable that has been deprecated or changed in the product. Programs developed for AutoCAD based products and earlier need to be recompiled. The window hosts a browser window which displays the html page. U1 ] bool Use this function to launch a modal dialog with the specified URI. U1 ] bool Use this function to launch a modeless dialog with the specified URI.

IsNamedDrawing Property Returns true if the drawing for this document is a named file on the disk as opposed to a new drawing that has not yet been saved. Scale Property Gets or sets the scale for the MLeader. AreaProperties Method This function calculates the area properties of the Region. All of the values in the returned RegionAreaProperties struct are in the coordinate system specified by origin, xAxis, and yAxis which must be in WCS coordinates.

The function validates the origin, xAxis, and yAxis parameters to ensure that the axes are of unit length and are perpendicular to each other, and that the axes and origin lie in the same plane as the Region. Perimeter Property Returns the perimeter of the Region. PrincipalMoments Property Returns the principal moments of the Region. Append Method Allows custom applications to add to the Xrecord without getting the existing data, appending to the end of resbuf chain and setting the data back into the xrecord.

More efficient in terms of amount of data that needs to be copied and also does partial undo. You must call AcDbXrecordIterator::done to determine if the last item was removed. If no such record exists, then one is created. Focus Method This method sets focus to the window on which it is called. It returns true if it successfully sets the focus to that window, otherwise it returns false. To use this method to set the current drawing window to have focus you would use: Application.

Focus Application. NET Framework Version 4. Still missing Still missing. Wish list for the next time. Ability to change background color and size of DWG previews in for example the Open dialog box.

Be able to rotate OLE objects. Be able to have have the File Tabs at the bottom as an option. Existing bugs Existing bugs, defects, feature limitation or other issues. Autodesk If you don’t use or need Autodesk , uninstall it. Creating Deployment problem When creating a deployment don’t browse for search paths if multiple ones are added as they are not saved as they should. Visual LISP vla-get-area function on the reactor owner cannot be used within a callback function as it will trigger the callback function creating an endless loop of calls.

Removed Removed Inventor Fusion import and editing functionality has been removed. AutoCAD product key is F1. Install Recommended: Install all Windows Updates before installing the product. To accelerate the save operation, right-click the Autodesk icon, available from the Windows taskbar, and select Sync Now.

Autodesk Sync Before you reopen a file that you have saved and closed in Autodesk , allow additional time for the automatic sync feature to set the new path for linked files such as xrefs. If the repathing process is not complete, the drawing file will be locked when you open it, and you might get an error. In addition, you cannot view these files in a Windows remote desktop session. Product Help Product Help is available online and is not installed with the product by default. If you do not have access to the Web and want to install Help with the product, you can start the Help installation at the end of the product installation.

After you open the product, you can also select Download Offline Help from the Help menu. If you cannot install it directly from the Welcome Screen, you can install it from the Adobe Flash download page. Video Content QuickTime is required for viewing some types of video content.

Model Documentation Hotfix for bit Windows 8. NET 4 and a. NET 4. The following workaround that will help resolve this issue: 1. Links Links. This plug-in can be used with AutoCAD to simplify the process of managing apps installed from Exchange. Video Copilot developed Element 3D to fill the need, seeing a need for this feature. Element 3d V2. A powerful real-time rendering engine enables the program to render 3D objects nearly as well as if they were coming directly from a complete 3D application.

Download Sketch as well. The advanced capabilities of Element 3d Free Download , such as motion blur and depth of field, and its compatibility with other After Effects plugins, allow artists to utilize it for everything from corporate animation to full-featured VFX.

With the Element 3d License Username And Password , you can work with simple shapes that can be scaled, textured, and lighted. Artists may now animate and reproduce these objects within the After Effects interface. Unlike the effect palette in Element 3D , this feature allows animators to create realistic effects in After Effects utilizing other third-party 3D plugins, such as making the most realistic plume from a fighter jet without resorting to volumetric simulations.

You can also get Reaper. Using a unique particle array system that can distribute 3D objects into any shape in real-time provides various tools for creating, importing, and editing 3D objects.

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Autodesk autocad 2014 (i.18.0.0) rus free download


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The features of AutoCAD are so numerous that it can not be counted on a few pages. Below are some of the key features of this software. Has been. Key features of Autodesk AutoCAD software: — Increase software flexibility versus layouts and synchronize their settings.

This software is an ISO file that should be placed on a virtual drive to be usable. If you have not already worked with virtual drive software, use this method: How. Install the Virtual Clone Drive software, and then restart Windows to complete the installation. Do not change the settings when installing the software. Right-click on the Iso file and hit the Mount Image … menu. A virtual drive is created in My Computer and the contents of the software will be placed there.

Another feature of AutoCAD is that it has an improved command line integration for the ease of the users. Command line of AutoCAD also provides access to the layers, hatch patterns, blocks, dimensions and text styles as well. Tags: Autocad. Recent Comments Mr. Also, please note that I’m only set up to respond to the first post of a topic, not to any replies. Thank you! Message 3 of 6. Message 4 of 6. Message 5 of 6.

Did you even read my reply and check out the article i linked? Message 6 of 6. Post Reply. Share this discussion:.


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It also provides texture size, model pack, and obj sequence capabilities using stock footage. Default value changed from 0 off to 1 on. The motorcycle allows you to quickly get to the desired point, leaving mud, snow and ice behind.


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