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Once upon a time, I was a huge fan of the arcade Bionic Commando. Even though the NES version gave the game much-needed depth for a home console experience, I never gave it a chance. Although I’m not sure I like some of the things they’ve changed Now you’re up against Ming from Flash Gordon.

But unlike GnG, BC has a good deal of new stuff added to it a “sniper mode,” an extra character and more. This stuff makes the game even better than the original. Furthermore, the thing plays as well as it would on a regular home system unlike most GB games that control like crap. If you’ve been hankering for a solid GB action game, look into this one.

If I could name one thing I like about the GBC a system I wish would retire to make room for the next generation of handhelds , it’s that it’s home to plenty of old-school, hardcore games. This machine is giving a lot of classics new life. Bionic Commando is especially enjoyable since it’s not a straight port. The new gameplay elements and levels make this well worth checking out that is, if you’re a fan of the original, or you still dig 2D side-scrollers.

Makeroomin your collection of Nintendo ninjas, spies, and mercenaries for the hero of Bionic Commando, and replace your baseball bats and nunchukus with a hyper-bazooka.

Because once you’ve traveled by bionic arm, you’ll never want to move by tank or helicopter again. Your character in Bionic Commando is incapable of making the slightest jump, so you have to shoot your “arm,” a metal cable, to swing across obstacles or move to higher ledges.

It’s like Tarzan , only better. Bionic Commando fulfills every requirement for a videogame. It provides fast action, terrific graphics, and varied gameplay. The story is straightforward: You’ve been sent behind enemy lines to rescue Super Joe, a top-notch soldier who was captured after uncovering an ominous plan by imperial forces to conquer the world.

Working with a map of 19 areas, you have to explore each region, picking up advanced weapons and communicating with allies along the way. Each area is completely different. In one you’re faced with huge puddles that might sweep you down a sewer. In another, you must contend with bottomless snow drifts. Certain areas are neutral zones, and although they are full of enemies, you won’t be attacked unless you shoot first which is more difficult to avoid than it might seem.

In the neutral zones you’ll find some of the communicators and weapons you’ll need later. Enemy tanks are constantly on the move, and if your helicopter encounters one, you’ll have to descend and fight.

These battle scenes scroll vertically, rather than horizontally as in the other areas. You can mow down the enemy by swinging your bionic arm over your head, or by shooting at close range.

Once you rescue Super Joe, he’ll provide the hints you’ll need to uncover Alba tros, the code name for the evil plan to conquer the world. But the game still isn’t over. When you learn what Albatros is all about, you and Super Joe have to make sure the plan is never put into action.

Get set for rapid fire action as you’re transformed into the Bionic Commando. This best-seller from Capcom is a dynamic adaptation of the original arcade classic. Expect an onslaught of challenges and extraordinary graphics when you battle enemy forces in their futuristic lands. Your powerful extending bionic arm and incredible arsenal of weapons gives you all you need to become an unstoppable one-man army.

To the most daring soldiers, this might seem an impossible test, but they’ve never experienced the power of Bionic Commando! Well, here it is and it looks hot! In this side-scrolling action game, you are a half-human half-cyborg with the ability to stretch your mechanical arm to swing across caverns and attack enemies. You can also collect new machine guns and rifles. The enemies you meet up with would all love to turn you into scrap metal.

There is plenty of technique, as well! The evil Doraize army is on the move again. In return, the Federal States sent in Super Joe. All communication with him was lost. Use your wrist blaster to shoot enemies while collecting much-needed power-ups. Fight through ruined cities and underground fortresses to finally locate Super Joe. This game really does succeed in properly executing the Bionic Commando theme on the smaller GameBoy screen.

Not much has been done to alter the original premise of the NES game, and the graphics and play are well detailed and challenging. This is indeed one of the better GB titles to come along in some time. Good job Capcom! With the exception of the 2 Mario games, this is the best Game-Boy cart I have seen in a long time. It plays very well for the small screen and offers more than enough challenge for the experienced player.

I agree! Don’t miss this one. This is one of the best GameBoy carts I’ve played in a long time. The graphics and music are very good. The game play is absolutely phenomenal and captures all of the best aspects of the classic NES game. Plenty of tough action and technique throughout. Aw, Pooh, I love this game! Everyone has forgotten excellent NES title until now when you can take it on the road! Ftad Spencer a young, fearless, and state-of-the-art super soldier swings into the face of danger to save his M.

A mentor. Calling all Game Boy guerrillas! If you’ve overheard NES and coin-op collectors tell fond war stories of Capcom’s Bionic Commando, it’s time to take a seat by the pup tent and spin a few yarns of your own! Despite its new shrunk-down GB status, BC preserves the same excellent run, swing, and shoot adventure as its full-color versions.

You, as bionically enhanced Rad Spencer, must infiltrate Doraize territory, pump hostile forces for insider info, spring Super Joe from behind enemy lines, and finally halt the top-secret Albatross project in its tracks. Think of this game as Contra meets Golgo 13, dashed with an Inspector Gadget ingredient for good measure. Game Boy Bionic Commando’s length, mission, and challenge read like a direct translation from the Nintendo version.

To confuse experienced Commando campaigners, however, Capcom repackaged the levels with new obstacles and layouts. NES aces should consider this cart Bionic Commando 1. Even with passwords and limited continues on your side, you’ll need bionic thumbs, sniper sharpshooting skills, and smart penetration plans to beat the game. You guide a chopper’s flight path on a stage selection screen. Encounter an enemy task force en route to your destination, and you’ll fight a brief side-view skirmish.

The real meat of the action gets cooking though when you parachute into the Doraize’s network of 11 hostile areas. Relentless machine gunners, grenaders, homing mines, security cameras with attitudes, and bionic bosses guard explosive power cores at the end of each stage.

These worthy adversaries keep you guessing, and new enemies pop up around almost every comer. Bionic Commando’s knuckle-crunching game play makes for great high-tech thrills, spills, and suspense. Rad’s protected by a carbon alloy exo-suit, equipped with destruction-dealing rifles, and outfitted with a highly-precise, surgically-implanted, bionic arm. You can throw the arm horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, and it grapples onto solid surfaces upon impact.

Once attached, you can pull yourself up, hang still, or swing from side-to-side. Arm control takes hours of practice to grasp, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll pull off some smooth moves. Why jump when you can swing? Rad’s arsenal definitely lives up to his name. The five guns shoot up a storm, but you must find them to fill your empty holsters.

Leveling levels and making connections with FF allies stationed at the six neutral area outposts will help you secure the goods. You’ll also snag several armor accessories, life restorers, Flares, and Attack Boots. At the start of each stage, you can choose which tools of the trade you want by your side.

To complement the intense firef’ights and blistering arm grabs, hooks, and swings, Bionic wraps up the package with a cool espionage bit. To unlock the boss room at the conclusion of each level, you use one of four Video Receivers to jam radio frequencies spouting from a communications room. Once locked into the system, you can receive urgent FF Corps communiques or wiretap Doraize conference calls and listen to classified conversations. The plot thickens and stirs with each intercepted transmission.

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Jan 04,  · Bionic Commando – PC game full download free – Bionic Commando is a action game, that is part of the Bionic Commando series. It is the sequel to the NES version of Bionic Commando and its a re. Jul 08,  · Our website provides a free download of Bionic Commando Bionic Commando is included in Games. This tool was originally designed by GRIN. You can execute Bionic Commando on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 bit/5(29). Jun 28,  · Bionic Commando Free Download PC Game setup in a single direct connection for Windows. It is an amazing game covering action, shooting and adventure scenes. Bionic Commando PC Game Overview This superb amazing game was developed and published by replace.meted Reading Time: 2 mins.


Bionic Commando (US Version) : Capcom : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.One moment, please

Sep 22,  · Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Bionic Commando. This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. file type Trainer. file size KB. downloads (last 7 days) last update Wednesday, September 22, Free download. Report problems with download to Bionic Commando breaks the sidescrolling run-‘n’-gun malaise with exciting undercover intrigue, awesome sci-fi style weaponry, and outrageous bionic arm maneuvers. As radical as this game is, Spencer’s no Agent , but then again James Bond never had the guts to volunteer for wiry wall-grabbing arm implants.8/10(2). Oct 05,  · Download Free Game Bionic Commando – PC – Full Version Bionic Commando Free Game Download Title: Bionic Commando Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom Release Date: 28 Jul, Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO E ( GHz) / AMD Athlon64 X2 + Memory: Gb Hard Drive: .


Bionic commando free download for pc

The fall. Bionic Commando was released on Jul 28, Dream chamber.

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