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Your property was freely available and that is why it was published on our website. The site is non-commercial and we are not able to check all user posts. Crime Life Gang Wars screenshots:. Size: 3. Developer Hothouse Creations Ltd. Publisher Konami Corporation. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , crime , life , gang , wars , action , fighting , mafia.

Genre action fighting. Platform PC. Comments There are no comments. To know more about crime life: city wars, continue to read below. Like already mentioned, Crime Life: Gang Wars is a free-roaming crime-based videogame that involves intense street fights and use of abusive language. The game is the right combination of strategy and action elements, incorporating a detailed, and storyline. The game represents what modern-day urban gang culture is about?

Players are shown living in a small town, which are required to complete tasks to reach higher ranks and become gang leaders. The game depicts hip hop style and urban culture. When you begin the game, the player, named Tre, is shown to be a citizen of the underdeveloped district in Grand Central City. Being a hood resident, his dream is to be a part of the Outlawz, the local gang group. Now, to be a part, he has to prove his loyalty and efficiency. Therefore, players have to complete the said tasks on time.

The narrative of the game is strong and engaging. Through the interesting gameplay, developers have clear depicted the strains and dangers that are associated with gang membership. The game at the same time delivers a strong sense of morality. The areas are relatively small but can prove useful when trying to locate your fellow gang members.

The game features harsh language and violence is definitely a staple of it. The game’s music is all hip-hop, reflecting the urban and hip-hop atmosphere of the game. There are various methods of earning money, ranging from mugging to burglaries. The soundtrack of the game is provided by the hip-hop group D12, which also contributed the likenesses and voices for some of the game’s key characters.

This game has been cited for combining free-roam elements similar to Grand Theft Auto, and beat ’em ups similar to Final Fight. As a Hood resident, his dream is to become a member of the Outlawz, the local gang.



Crime Life: Gang Wars torrent download for PC


An end to all this dreary urban yoof street gang violence dark days misery. A return to the days when gaming meant collecting crimme rings in colourful platform worlds made of ice cream, and a colour palette bedecked with yellows, pinks and lime greens.

It’s a noble cause, a good cause, a just cause, a cause we at PC heartily endorse. Gany, Crime Life couldn’t be further from these aims if it tried, and instead represents a particularly nasty nadir in the path of gaming history. It’s a non-stop relentless-o-thon. A melange of drive-bys, gangbanging, robberies, bang decay, violent actions and people talking Ebonics. Ora carefully monitored, marketing-led, BBFC-friendly interpretation of Ebonics, expressly designed to appeal to the target demographic, at any rate.

Oh, and it’s not much cop. The premise is that you’re a new initiate into the street gang The Outlawz although with no back-story, character or introduction it feels as though you’ve just dropped into the world, Mr Bean-style. You have to prove your chops by, basically, beating everyone up, committing crime and generally hell-raising in the worst possible way.

With the emphasis on lkfe. This amounts to lots and lots of fighting, anyone and everyone, giving the Crime Life world the feel of one giant deathmatch arena, rather than any serious look at gang life in the modern age.

It’s not helped by the worst camera since The Matrix: Path of Neonever quite giving you crime life gang wars pc game free view to avoid distant trouble spots or turning fast enough to give you fluid control over the combat.

On top of that, the visual style employed doesn’t exactly push the boundaries of modern technology, with poor textures, animation and detail, all giving the impression of a half-hearted console port at best. There’s plenty to explore, but despite the amount of ‘real life’ scenery dressing non-drivable cars, civilians, shops, bars, strip clubs and so onnone of it really amounts to much, not helped by the lack of any decent story structure to tie everything together.

You see, whereas something like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas manages to invest in the game’s street life action crime life gang wars pc game free story with decent characterisation, actual dramatic development and genuine interest, Crime Life seems to think that throwing every cliche in the book at you is читать далее to justify the never-ending stream of violence. GTA attempts to justify your actions. Crime Life simply revels in its moral abhorrence.

GTA is deep. Crime Life is shallow. GTA keeps it real ish. Crime Life is as real as Ali G. GTA entertains. Crime Life bores. Even the violence doesn’t appeal much beyond the first few gang brawls. With combat happening roughly every ten steps, it doesn’t take long for you to exhaust the different fighting moves on offer, and although some variety is afforded by grabbing different weapons, most fights are pretty random button-mashing affairs with little in the way of grace, style or skill on display.

Is there anything to recommend then? Well, at a pinch you can argue the soundtrack is decent, but then, having spent so much money signing the cream of the UK and European rap scene, that’s to be expected although if you’re not into ie 5.5 for windows 10 hardcore hip-hop, you’ll not find anything here to appeal other than the Music Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше option.

The attempt at creating a free-roaming world does offer some interest, although with no option to use vehicles or swing crime life gang wars pc game free camera into a view that feels comfortable, it all feels very sub-GTA.

That’s Crime Life’s biggest problem really. Whatever differences there are other than in terms of quality unfortunately ring of being marketing-led and as such feel venomous, cynical and morally bankrupt. Applying a random lead pipe battering to an old woman in the street, for instance, often results in crime life gang wars pc game free no negative consequence whatsoever.

Which sends out a reprehensible message crimr the more impressionable gamers especially over on the console market, which is where most of Crime Life’s sales will take place.

Am I being over-sensitive? No, I don’t think so. I’d happily recommend the similarly violent GTA series, but mainly on grounds of quality gaming. Crime Life fails in both gaming and moral terms. What we wouldn’t have given for a few shiny rings to collect. This one time? I was rounding up some hookers for a rich waars in “Blingsley Hills”–we all get in a big street brawl, me, the hookers, and one of my pals against a bunch of guys that I know are bad because they’re crime life gang wars pc game free blue vests.

Приведенная ссылка of the hookers is getting low on health if she dies, the mission restartsso I leave the melee and run three blocks to the burger shop.

I buy the ailing hooker–who’s crime life gang wars pc game free fighting down the street, remember–a nice burger with fries, which refills her health bar. As the battle rages, I stay in the safety of the burger joint, wqrs health bars and buying food when folks are about to die.

This gqng the only fun gabg I had with Crime Life, and it wasn’t even, you know, literal fun; it was “hawhaw, what a stupid game” fun. I played Crime Life for over 10 hours before I put the controller down in disgust–not because it’s a crlme, mindless brawler designed to hit the lowest thug denominator although that didn’t helpbut because it’s so fundamentally terrible.

The button-pounding gameplay is an ugly mess, the graphics, an even uglier mess, and the “urban” trappings are just embarrassing. I didn’t finish Crime, but I know i didn’t miss any good parts. The back of the box reads, “So you wanna be a gangsta? From Crime Life’s ridiculous missions steal “bling” so your boss can dress better, go get wasted and then beat the crap out of five nobodies–are you kidding me? Just imagine for a second that you wanted a Gl Joe action figure for your birthday, but instead someone bought you that oife, odd-looking doll dressed in army fatigues with a Spider-Man head crime life gang wars pc game free the dollar store.

This whole gangsta subgenre that grew up around San Andreas is hurting. And Crime Life takes it to a new low, making titles like 50 Cent and Ride or Die seem like masterpieces. A weak, uninspired fighting system, where the gruesome finishing moves are the sole highlight, is at the heart of the problem. But bad as the combat is, the developers commit a cardinal sin by omitting any sort crime life gang wars pc game free co-op play in a game that desperately cries out for it.

What Crime Life needs even more, though, are graphics that don’t look like they were done for a PS1 budget title. Seriously, Crime Life is one of the worstlooking games to come out this year. Just another reason to stay away, I guess.

Browse games Game Portals. Crime Life: Gang Wars. Fame Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Adobe premiere pro cc 2017 best export settings free the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired yang.

Game review Downloads Screenshots Not Quite 8 Mile With the emphasis on worst. Westside Story You see, whereas something like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas manages crime life gang wars pc game free invest in the game’s street life action a story with crime life gang wars pc game free characterisation, actual dramatic development and genuine interest, Crime Life seems to think that throwing every cliche in the book at you is sufficient to justify the never-ending stream of violence.

Download Crime Life: Gang Wars. Playstation 2. People say: 5. Overall rating: 5. GameFabrique XBox, PCPlaystation 2. Action Adventure Games.


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