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With Microsoft Project you can schedule tasks manually or automatically. If you choose Automatic scheduling, Project will schedule tasks based on dependencies, calendars, and constraints among other things. Click Edit project settings. The default is set to Manually Scheduled. Select and click Auto Scheduled and click the OK button.

Creating dependencies involves linking tasks in the Gantt chart view. In Microsoft Project, you can link any two tasks.

Once tasks are linked, every change made to the predecessor affects the successor. Select Tasks to Link Click the Task tab in the menu bar. Identify the two tasks in the list that you want to link. Click the first task and press and hold the Ctrl key and select the second task. Click the chain icon in the ribbon to link the tasks. Select the Report Tab Click the Report tab to get a quick overview of the reports you can run. With Microsoft Project, you can keep an eye on tasks to see if things are running on time or behind schedule.

This will be easy to view as long as you keep the status of tasks updated during the length of your project. Click a task that you want to update. If the task is on track, click the Mark on Track button in the ribbon. Use Predetermined Percentages to Track Tasks To the left of the Mark on Track option, there are percentages that you can use to denote the progress of a task.

Update Tasks Sometimes tasks fall behind or get accomplished ahead of schedule. You can use the Update Task option to update the status. Click the down arrow next to Mark on Track and click Update Tasks. Microsoft Project Standard makes adding and managing resources both employees and material resources extremely easy, which is essential to successful project management.

With MS Project manager, you can create slots for resources and assign them to tasks as simply as entering data in a spreadsheet. More Microsoft Project Video Tutorials. Microsoft Project Full Guide.

Project Risk Management Guide. MS Excel for Project Managers. NET apps. Civil Related Links. Video Training Tutorial. Microsoft Project Review Microsoft Project is a job planning application that can be used by the work supervisors in order to build up a plan, track the improvement or handle your budget. Impressive and renowned project planning application. You can develop an effective plan. Track progress. Manage budget. Can analyze workloads. Watch the full comparison video.

While building the list, try to prioritize them in the order they need to be completed. Add Start and Finish Dates to Each Task To enter start and end dates, click the Start cell that corresponds to the first task and enter a date if you click the down arrow in the cell, a calendar will appear and you can use that to select a date.

Then tab over to the Finish row and enter an end date. Microsoft will automatically enter the amount of time it will take to complete the task in the Duration row. Add Tasks to the Timeline To add tasks to the Timeline, click the View tab and click the Timeline bar that appears above the task list. Then right-click on a Task cell and choose Add to Timeline from the list and click it to add the task to the timeline.

Tip: You can select all tasks in the list and then right-click on the mouse and select Add to Timeline to add all the tasks simultaneously.

The Resource Sheet will appear on the screen. Once your resources are added to the project, you can easily view who is available to take on the task based on their workload, and manage how much time each team member will spend on tasks in the Resource Management view. This will help you better manage the project and get work done in a specific time period.

One of the benefits of MS Project is that it can calculate how long it will take a person to complete the task based on their availability.

This also lets the people assigned to the project know how much time is required of them. Click the Gantt chart icon in top left corner of the window. Open the Task Form You should still be in the View tab. Click the Details box in the ribbon. The Task Form should appear on the lower half of the screen. Click the box under Resource Name and choose a resource from the drop-down menu. Then click OK. You can add another person to the same task by clicking the area under Resource Name and choosing the name you want.

Click OK.


Learning Microsoft Project [Video]

The task becomes a subtask.


Microsoft project 2016 tutorial free download.FREE ONLINE TUTORIALS | Microsoft Project

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