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The video then cuts back to Mickey, who starts sneering after a while, and the sound of a garbled cry can be heard. It is at the 8-minute mark that the audio changes once again, this time to a woman screaming in agony, and as the screams get louder and louder, the picture changes; the streets and sidewalks Mickey is walking on start to travel in impossible directions, while the buildings look destroyed.

Mickey’s face begins to fall apart as his eyeballs roll to the bottom of his chin like marbles in a fishbowl, his smile creeps up to the left side of his head, and eventually he ends up looking demented. The screaming continues until the 9-minute mark when the episode ends, while the original story and footage of Mickey ends there, one interpretation shows a scene with Mickey spinning and then falling to the ground, dying, and a demon appears, making a loud screeching noise, before disappearing.

An image of Mickey’s head appears on the screen similarly to the ending of classical Mickey Mouse cartoons around the time for approximately 30 seconds, while what sounds like a broken music box plays in the background, with a Russian text that roughly reads: “The sights of Hell bring its viewers back in”.

The remaining 30 seconds is supposedly unknown to the public, though it is suggested that whatever took place during those last 30 seconds was so mentally traumatic, that it resulted in the employee who first screened the episode committing suicide after watching it and uttering the phrase “Real suffering is not known.

This creepypasta was adapted into a movie on June 15, , directed by Christo Lopez. Dead Bart is a story by writer K. It features the Simpson family going on a plane trip together, but while being his usual, mischievous self, Bart ends up breaking a window on the plane and getting sucked out, falling to his death.

After an apparently very realistic view of his corpse, the show’s second act features a surreal take on the Simpson family’s grief.

Act three opens with a title card saying one year has passed. Homer , Marge , and Lisa are skeletally thin, and still sitting at the table.

There is no sign of Maggie or the pets. They decide to visit Bart’s grave. Springfield is completely deserted, and as they walk to the cemetery the houses become more and more decrepit. Emotionally abandoned, they arrive at Bart’s grave where Bart’s body is simply lying in front of his tombstone, appearing similar to the corpse in act one.

The family starts crying again, but eventually, they stop and blankly stare at Bart’s body. Near the end, the camera starts to zoom into Homer’s face and according to summaries, Homer also tells a joke during this part. In a later update, it’s revealed that Homer is saying “If only we were all that lucky.

The full story is told from the perspective of a person who interned at Nickelodeon Studios in as an animation student. The staff initially assumed it was just an office prank. In the firsthand account, the video consists of Squidward preparing for a concert. After Squidward finishes playing at the concert, the crowd jeers at Squidward. The next shows Squidward forlornly sitting on a bed, while strange and upsetting noises play and become louder in the background. The scene is spliced with quick flashes of murdered children, each time the noises getting louder when cutting back to Squidward — now bearing red ‘hyper realistic’ eyes.

Eventually, Squidward shoots himself after a detached, deep voice commands it, and the video ends. The circulated image of red-eyed Squidward associated with this creepypasta was referenced in the series and included in the original uncut airing of the season 12 episode “SpongeBob in RandomLand”. According to Vincent Waller the showrunner and co-executive producer of season 12 , the purpose of the reference was to make fun of “try-hard edgy fanfiction “, and he has referred to “Squidward’s Suicide” as a “ridiculous fanfiction”.

He further clarified that it was only intended as a reference and that the “Red Mist Squidward” character is “FAR from canon”. While the following stories do not fit the typical definition of creepypastas — often being written from an in-universe perspective, they are sometimes associated with the genre:.

In the story, Rainbow Dash visits Pinkie Pie after getting invited by her to the bakery. Rainbow Dash was told she’d be making cupcakes with Pinkie Pie, however, Pinkie Pie knocks her out with a drink.

Rainbow Dash is taken to a dark room full of severed pony heads. Pinkie Pie states that she will be making cupcakes out of Rainbow Dash. The story describes the ways Pinkie Pie mutilates Rainbow Dash to death. Created by internet user Aurora Dawn, Rainbow Factory is a fanfiction of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that tells the story of two Pegasi , Scootaloo and Orion, who fail a flight test due to trying to help a third Pegasus, Aurora, who broke their wing while flying.

They are transferred to a large weather factory that is managed by Rainbow Dash. After being locked in a large room with several others, Rainbow Dash reveals how rainbows are made through the use of mutilated, live Pegasi being put through a machine called a Pegasus Device that converts their corpses into individual colors known as Spectra , which are then mixed to make rainbows.

After attempting to retaliate against Rainbow Dash and the cruelty in the factory, Orion is chained up to the machine and is twisted until his ribs shatter, before being tossed in the Device. Scootaloo attempts to escape from a now-maniacal and insane Rainbow Dash, but is proven fruitless as she is captured by guards and attached to the machine, where she utters her last words to Rainbow Dash; “You have beautiful eyes.

There is a sequel to this set twenty years later, centered around two other foals who escape being turned into rainbows, and the lives of the workers in the weather factory. These creepypasta focus on video games containing grotesque or violent content; this content may spill over into the real world and cause the player to harm themselves or others.

Many video game creepypastas involve malevolent entities such as ghosts or artificial intelligence. Created by Internet user Alex Hall a. Jadusable finds that the cartridge is haunted by the ghost of a boy named Ben, who drowned, as well as an entity that seems to have taken his name only identified as BEN, and an enigmatic force known as the Father. After performing the Fourth Day Glitch, Jadusable encounters disturbing glitches and ominous messages such as “You shouldn’t have done that The story would later spiral into an Alternate Reality Game with the introduction of an in-universe website belonging to the Moon Children, a mysterious cult.

After an eight-year-long hiatus, the story returned in , once again in the Alternate Reality Game format, for its final arc, dubbed “Awakening”, which featured adjacent plotlines about a man calling himself Jadus recounting his experiences during a societal collapse due to a virus known as H.

S, people waking up in a mysterious hotel run by a man named Abel, and a return to the haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge. Originally posted by an anonymous user on 4chan , Herobrine is a supernatural being or ghost that haunts single-player worlds of the sandbox video game Minecraft. The character is supposed to look like Steve , one of the default character skins available for new players of Minecraft , except for a pair of glowing white eyes which lack pupils.

Children who had played the games reportedly screamed in terror at the sight of either of the games inserted into the Game Boy handheld console , and exhibited other erratic behavior, before committing suicide through methods such as hanging , jumping from heights , and creatively severe self-mutilation. The legend alleges that children, besides being the primary players of the games, are more susceptible to the effects of the Lavender Town music, because it supposedly incorporates binaural beats and a high-pitched tone that adults cannot hear.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta is a story written by Cosbydaf, who also produced the sprite artwork for the story. It relates the tale of a character named Zach who plays an unusual copy of the Nintendo Entertainment System game Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! As Zach progresses through the game, simple glitches begin to turn into entirely new content and new monsters, and eventually, a malevolent, supernatural being by the name of Red reveals himself.

As the mystery behind the nature of Red unravels, it is revealed that the demon has closer ties to Zach than he ever could have expected. The story concludes with Zach – having defeated Red during the final battle – selling the game on eBay, unable to bring himself to keep or destroy the mysterious cartridge.

The story is often praised for its extensive use of custom-made screenshots, depicting thousands of sprites created by the story’s author.

A fangame based on the story is being developed; [71] a demo was released in Toonstruck 2 is a story revolving around the sequel to the video game Toonstruck , which was developed but not released due to the commercial flop of the first game.

The story alleges that Toonstruck 2 was based on art from the sketchbook of a mentally ill cartoon animator who murdered his boss, bought by one of Virgin Interactive ‘s executives at a murderabilia auction, and the real reason for its cancellation was that its contents were too shocking.

SVG’s Christopher Gates wrote: “The incomplete storyline has proved to be fertile ground for fans, who seem more than happy to fill in the blanks If Toonstruck had been finished, maybe it would’ve faded away. But it wasn’t, and the mystery has kept Toonstruck fans engaged for over 20 years — and counting. The original story follows a teenager named Tom, who receives a CD from his friend Kyle and a note telling him to destroy it. Finding Kyle’s warning to be a joke, Tom decides to play it, finding it to be a haunted version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The haunted version of the game contains an eldritch entity known as Sonic. In each of the three levels, Tom plays as Tails , Knuckles , and Doctor Eggman , only for them to be killed and enslaved by Sonic.

Tom turns around, only to see a stuffed Sonic toy crying blood on his bed. The original story was posted for the first time on the Creepypasta Wiki in August and was removed in January due to complaints of its poor quality when compared to other gaming creepypastas, despite it being somewhat influential.

The growing backlash towards the story led its author to publish a protracted diatribe about his grievances with the Creepypasta Wiki’s decision, which only fuelled further criticism. The Sonic. MPEG and Silly. In August , the character appeared in a mod of the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’ , including other versions of the character as well as other Sonic -themed creepypastas and Internet memes , including “Sunky.

MPEG”, ” Sanic. The mod has currently been downloaded over 1 million times, [89] and led to new attention and discussion of the creepypasta and its associated fan projects. Petscop is a web series released on YouTube which purports to be a Let’s Play of a “lost and unfinished” PlayStation video game of the same name. In the game, the player character must capture strange creatures known as “pets” by solving puzzles. However, after the narrator of the series enters a code on a note attached to the copy of the game he received, he can enter a strange, dark, and hidden section of the game: the Newmaker Plane and the depths below it.

An urban legend claims that in , an arcade cabinet called Polybius caused nightmares and hallucinations in players, leading at least one person to suicide.

Several people supposedly became anti-gaming activists, after playing Polybius. Pale Luna is a creepypasta which tells the story of a text-based adventure game , named “Pale Luna. Moonlight comes through the window. After the player completes level 1, the next level displays text that says: “Reap your reward. Most players describe the game as a joke in bad taste and extremely lazy programming, [96] as well as broken and unplayable.

There are no paths. The ground is soft. After Nevins chooses a series of commands: “Dig hole. Throw gold. Fill hole,” the game shows the following text: “Congratulations, The next day, Nevins, equipped with a compass, a map, and a shovel, begins his search through the park. During his search, he realizes that the paths he takes are comparable to those of the game. After a long walk, he reaches the coordinates’ exact location and begins digging until he finds the head of a girl with blonde hair in an advanced state of decomposition.

After Nevins informs the authorities about the terrifying discovery, the girl is identified as Karel Paulsen, an year-old girl who was reported missing by the San Diego Police Department a year and a half previously. After Michael’s discovery, an investigation is carried out to find the identity of the programmer of the video game.

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Adobe Illustrator adobe photoshop cc 2017 reddit free download one of the most popular, reliable, and feature-packed design reddiit for creating vector graphics, sketches, drawings, and artwork.

The program gives access to multiple tools for high-quality design projects. With brushes, special photlshop, layers, filters, color processing, gradient effects, and drawing tools, you can create stunning designs from your imagination.

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Just the same with Adobe Illustrator CCeven the standalone app comes adohe preset templates to choose from or to serve as references. This gives the software more flexibility when it comes to working on creative projects and marketing campaigns. The easy-to-navigate tool adove maximum productivity and lets you move the cursor fluidly in multiple workspaces. Additionally, it lets you easily manage layout changes or reset crucial parameters.

Combined, all these work to ensure precise sketches and drawings with vector graphics. Adobe Illustrator works with a powerful image-tracing engine. It keeps your creations clean and accurate, giving you more time to polish your design skills. Phptoshop instance, while working with gradients on objects or strokes, you get more control over opacity and adoge. For years, Adobe Illustrator has been the leading choice for working with vector graphics. The program comes with multiple drawing tools, which can be used to create scalable drawings.

Moreover, the app supports cross-media designallowing the entire layout to adapt to different customizations. With this design tool, you can draw or edit something on a smartphoneadove igital printing sourcesand online publishing platforms without worrying about the shift in quality or aesthetics.

The program comes with a diverse brush palette. Additionally, you can create new styles within seconds. While the first one generates a single vector, the second gives your designs a natural look with in-depth, realistic strokes. Apart from this, Adobe Illustrator has various advanced features, including live distortion, 3D effectsmultiple symbols, the photowhop to bend shapesGaussian blur, shape builderand more.

Overall, the program is packed with exclusive as well as commonly used features to boost your creativity. Compared to Corel Painter and other programs in this category, Adobe Illustrator is easier fref navigate. Unfortunately, it can adobe photoshop cc 2017 reddit free download be overwhelming for beginners. The program focuses on step-by-step tutorialswhich let you cover basic and advanced techniques to work with vector graphics. Like most Creative Cloud apps, even this one has large-sized icons, organized properly in top and side window panes.

Illustrator has been developed by Adobe, which has years of experience in innovation and technology. As such, the program receives updates and bug fixes on a regular basis. In the latest version, ftee can leverage global editing, customizable toolbars, presentation previews, trimming features, and freeform gradients. With support for Cloud storageAdobe Illustrator lets you easily collaborate with colleagues and clients.

The program gives you more freedom to foster creativity and imagination. In the last few years, the developers have made several improvements in critical areas, including workspacespainting tools, drawing features, color correction, among others. You can either save the creations on Cloud or upload files to third-party services. Since Illustrator adobee well with other Cloud apps, you can open vector images in other Adobe products, such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Adobe has also focused on building a solid community, which includes artists, designers, and content creators from around the world. With multiple forumsFAQs, dedicated help sections, and excellent adone supportthe company continues to build a solid design software for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 PCs.

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