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Remove the background of an image – Pixelmator Pro Tutorials.Remove layer background – Pixelmator Pro User Guide

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How to Remove Background in Pixelmator?.How to Remove Background in Pixelmator?

Mac image editor Pixelmator Pro has been updated to include a new “Magic Background Eraser,” and for a short time is also on sale for 50%. If you haven’t got one an already, you’ll need an image with a background to remove. The Smart Erase tool is best used for solid color backgrounds and the web. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Pixelmator Pro. Download Pixelmator Pro for macOS or later and enjoy it.


Erase using the Erase tool – Pixelmator Pro User Guide


It will turn to be transparent immediately and you can repeat that for another time if there is need. Part 2. Excellent Way to Remove Photo Background. Enhanced edges handling. Additional options for setting image as background. Step 1. Import Image You are supposed to have the program pre-installed but if it’s not, this step will be critical.

Step 2. Outline Your Image In this one, you will use the red and green markers offered by PhotoScissors to mark out the foreground as well as background of the image to edit. Step 3. Apply Changes Once you have applied the changes made to your image, the final step will be saving the edited file.

In addition to being available in Pixelmator Pro itself, the Remove Background feature is also available in the Finder app as a Quick Action! When you remove the background from an image, the object left behind can often have traces of the previous background around its edges.

The AI-powered Decontaminate Colors feature automatically removes these traces so objects blend seamlessly with any new background. Although this is usually done automatically when it makes sense, you can also apply it yourself to any layer — even ones that have been cut out in other apps. Another totally magical new feature is automatic subject selection — with just a click, you can make a selection of the subject of any image.

This is designed to make it easy to select the most difficult areas of all — hair, fur, and similar objects with very complex edges. With lower settings, areas become only partially transparent. Sample All Layers With this option selected, the Smart Erase tool takes into account every single layer in your image, although it erases only the selected layer. Smooth Edges Naturally smooths the edges of erased areas. Turning this option off erases edge pixels completely, resulting in a little more precision but a with jagged look.

Moreover, it’s affordable and has sharing options. However, new users might be intimidated when using this program because of the multiple options and it lacks zoom slider.

The interactive nature of this cutout tool makes it the ideal choice for removing backgrounds from photos with ease. PhotoScissors has all the editing tools you need to have the best experience while its features are top-notch to guarantee high quality for edited photos. Don’t feel intimidated in case you are using PhotoScissors for the first time to remove background from your photo.

You will get used to it with time for it’s user-friendly. You are supposed to have the program pre-installed but if it’s not, this step will be critical. Download PhotoScissors from the best online site and install to your computer to get started. Ensure you have followed all the given installation instructions for the program to function properly without hitches. When you’re done, import your images to the program. In this one, you will use the red and green markers offered by PhotoScissors to mark out the foreground as well as background of the image to edit.

It’s not generic applications of filters, it’s not a set of precanned special effects. From their AI Enhance to non-destructive highly-granular controls for experts, coupled now with automation I’m constantly turning to Pixelmator Pro and it’d got my back every time.

Like many, I have used Photoshop for a very long time—since the early 90s. I was very upset when Adobe switched to a subscription model which I thought was expensive, and started to look for a replacement. I had dabbled with Pixelmator a few years ago but was able to keep Photoshop CS5 going on my Mac and was able to stick with it, even as far as Mojave.

But then a few months ago, Photoshop finally started to crash every time I launched it and I was unable to use it anymore. I tried Affinity Photo after having read good reviews, and it is a powerful program, but the User Interface and commands are too different from Photoshop and the learning curve was too steep for me.

So I gave Pixelmator a second look and was pleased to find that the UI and commands were quite intuitive and more similar to Photoshop. I highly recommend this app: it fulfills all my needs and the price is right.

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