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Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a business strategy that aims to understand,anticipate and manage the needs of an organization’s current and potential customer. It is a comprehensive approach which provide seamless integration of every area of business that touches the customer namely marketing,sales,customer service, and held report through the integration of people,process and technology ? CRM is shift from traditional marketing as it focuses on the retention of customers in addition to the acquistion of new customer. The expression customer Relationship Management(CRM) is becoming standards terminology,replacing what is widely perceived to be a misleading narrow term,relationship marketing(RM). An effective CRM strategy can help your business control costs while also helping to uncover hidden opportunities for business growth. The right CRM strategy can also help your business by:
  • Rapidily demonstating which items and administrations are profiting and which ones ought to be cut.
  • Making it simple to track your promoting endeavors with the goal that you can define and redsign them as required tkeeping in mind the end goal to stay productive.
  • Effortlessly recongnizing new prospects while likewise assisting you with discovering extra business opportunities that may exists business opportuniies that may exists with current clients.


Learning Management System (LMS) has integrated multi-user administrative, authoring, and delivery platform that allows administrators to host, schedule, manage registrations, assess, test, and track online training activities. These systems also allow Instructional Designers to create and house course materials, and learners to access course schedules, register for training, take assessments, and manage transcripts.
  • Manage and track capability building through a competency framework
  • Structuring learning through plans and curriculum
  • Schedule classrooms, manage classroom training nomination and schedule activities
  • Delivering online e-learning programs
  • Facilitate informal learning through wikis and blogs
  • Provide reporting of data and analysis

Salesforce services at TPS

  • Salesforce Implementation Services
  • Salesforce Application Maintenance Service
  • Salesforce UI/UX Design services
  • SFDC Mobility & Integrated Services

Web & Mobile Development

  • Website design and Development
  • Ecommerce Platform Development
  • Mobile App UI-UX Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Designing

  • Branding ( Graphic Designing)
  • Logo Design (Graphic Designing)